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Title:   Laundry Bag  
Code:   EXCLBAG01    
Price:   £12.95    
Stock:   1 Quantity  
We know there are men out there who don't leave their dirty washing all over the floor or on the backs of chairs etc etc...we've read mystical tales about them in books. Here is an ideal gift for that rare creature - and you never know, these bags may encourage good laundry habits amongst the common or garden layabout!

We wanted to produce a bag that would withstand everyday use whilst looking good hung on the back of a bathroom door.
Our laundry bag is made from a neutral coloured cotton, with chocolate brown drawstring at the top. The washing machine design in green and cream is appliqued onto the bag, making the whole thing machine washable and durable. Measuring 75cm x 35cm, the bag is large enough to fit a full machine load, yet not too big and heavy to carry when full.
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