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Title:   Contemporary Corner  
Code:   GIBCTC01    
Price:   £35.00    
Stock:   1 Quantity  
This design is for smaller areas of the garden, but can easily be transferred to tubs and pots for a patio or courtyard setting, where an even lower maintenance garden is required - just plant up and water every now and then! Key elements of this plant selection:
Bold foliage shape and colour, strong architectural growth habit.
Plants perform well under a range of garden conditions - great for anyone new to gardening as they are tough and drought tolerant requiring relatively little maintenance.
Most of the plants are evergreen, giving you year-round colour and interest.
If you surround plants with gravel you will create a really modern look as well as reduce the need for weeding!
Laying landscape fabric down first should reduce weeding further (see Little extras below)
Step-by-step instructions are provided in the Box, with information on how to prepare your border for planting.
Please note that plants are supplied in 1 litre pots and we would expect them to reach their full potential within 12 months. 7 plants are provided within the Contemporary Corner Garden in a Box. Should you order a Garden in a Box and a plant in the scheme is unavailable, we reserve the right to replace it with something similar, we guarantee to choose a plant of a comparable size and price and ensure that it fits in with the overall scheme we have designed for you.
If you require any further information please e-mail us at sales@laneygreen.com. Our plants are packaged very carefully to ensure they reach you in tip top condition.
All Garden in a Box products are delivered by courier and a signature will be required on delivery.
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