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Title:   Children's Travel Bag  
Code:   EXCCTB01    
Price:   £10.95    
Stock:   1 Quantity  
Keeping track of laundry whilst on holiday should be the least of our worries, so we designed this really useful waterproofed zipped bag in which to store the kid's worn pants and socks - simply empty straight into the washing machine on your return home.
The bag can obviously be used at home too, to prevent stray socks walking their way to the mysterious sock magnet at the bottom of the laundry basket.
The bag measures 35cm square, with a zip at the top and useful chocolate brown hanging loop. The hand-printed design shows a pair of duck-egg blue and brown spotty socks and the words 'Wash Me'. Neither girly nor macho, the bag can be used for kids of all ages, male or female. 
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